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IS094 - Turnabout is Fair Play - The Inheritance


Starring Julie Kwon & Mia Chen - Jasmine Martinez & Belle Sagonis
73 minutes - 980 mb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

This double feature video includes two full story lines, each starring two great models in separate stories of deception, betrayal, and revenge!

In Turnabout is Fair Play, Mia Chen has been stealing company secrets and plans on selling them for a large sum of money. She even uses her good friend Julie Kwon to deliver the goods, without even telling poor Julie what is going on. But when Mia's double crossing plan becomes to unravel, the two girls find themselves in one bind after another as each tries to get the upper hand on the other!

In the Inheritance, Jasmine Martinez & Belle Sagonis are best best friends and roommates. But when Jasmine inherits a small fortune from a long lost Aunt, she decides to move to the big city - alone. Alarmed at this potential abandonment, Belle grabs Jasmine and ties her up so she can impersonate her friend at the lawyer's office in order to collect the money. Of course, the best laid plans go awry, and both girls end up tied on the floor, with no inheritance!

Both stories features lots of great interaction between the girls, including several girl-girl tie up scenes, hand gagging, bare feet, blue jeans, skirts & blouses, heels, and plenty of energetic struggling. This video also marks the video premiere of both Julie Kwon and Belle Sagonis, not to mention the return of Mia Chen!

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