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IS-BW00113 Attacked in her Garage


Model(s): Cydel Jimenez
Video Clip Length: 8:53 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1280x720 6000kbps 382mb
MP4 720x400 2100kbps 133mb

Beautiful and leggy brunette Cydel Jimenez is attacked in her garage as she gets out of her car. Wearing short denim shorts and a revealing tank top, Cleave gagged and her mouth covered in layers of duct tape, Cydel can't even scream for help as her attacker binds her hands behind her. Cydel struggles with her attacker and eventually knocks him down, enabling her to run into the house and lock the door behind her. Unfortunately, our damsel dropped her keys in the struggle and the intruder is able to chase her inside and recapture her. Now angry, the assailant strips off Cydel's top and ties her to the bed, showing off her shapely breasts. Cydel tries to kick and struggle with her bare bound feet, even trying to untie knots with her agile toes. Eventually though, she realizes she can't get away and starts to yell for help through her gag. It doesn't appear anyone is coming to her rescue ...

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 June, 2015.