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IS-BW00120 Loyalty Betrayed


Model(s): Nadia Lyudmilova
Video Clip Length: 17:45 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1280x720 6000kbps 655mb
MP4 720x400 4000kbps 522mb

Sexy blonde Nadia has been stepping out on her rich mobster sugardaddy and unfortunately for her, the rich old man's bodyguard has been following and recording her illicit affairs as well as her phone and text conversations! Threatened with exposure, Nadia tries to make a run for it but is grabbed, handgagged, and subdued. Dressed in a barely-there cocktail dress with black pantyhose and ankle-strap high heels, Nadia is left hogtied and cleave gagged on the bed while the bodyguard leaves to call his boss. Upon his return, the bodyguard tells tells Nadia that he decided that before he tells the boss, he has placed a call to the mobster's wife so she can extract her revenge first! He leaves Nadia tied stretched out on the bed, dress hiked up (showing off the fact that she is not wearing panties under her pantyhose), and adds layers of duct tape to the gag. As Nadia struggles in dread of the upcoming visits, we are treated to great views of her long shapely legs and fine bottom view. When the wronged wife arrives, she lands a few well placed slaps on that fine bottom, as well as sharp words - and adds a silk scarf blindfold her husband is sure to recognize to increase the pain poor Nadia is bound to find soon!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 September, 2015.