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IS092 - Captured Damsels - Daring Escapes


Featuring Jasmine Martinez, Danielle Owens, Katarina Wilski, Lydia Sloan, Molly Bronte, Dina Davis & Janeen Gzesh
90 minutes - 1.16gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

An exciting array of short stories, this video captures the essence of our ideal "damsels-in-distress." These are not whimpering helpless victims waiting for rescue; on the contrary, these enterprising lasses try to rescue themselves!

First, Jasmine Martinez outsmarts a pair of handcuffs with a hairpin, only to be retied securely to her chair. Of course, that doesn't keep her in one place either - she attempts to bounce the chair right out the front door! Danielle Owens doesn't think much of her assailant's attempt to secure her in a hogtie on the bed - she manages to get her feet free, then heads for the stairs. Unfortunately for Danielle, she doesn't see well without her glasses, so she has to stop and put them back on - with her toes, as her hands are still tied behind her back! (Yes, this is one very flexible lady! See the picture on the bottom row, far left.) Next, Katarina Wilski is fully tied and blindfolded in an unfamiliar location, so she has to feel her way around a few rooms before she manages to bounce herself outdoors - still blindfolded! Lydia Sloan's captor wraps her up in black tape and dumps her in a chair - but plucky Lydia hops up out of the chair, bounces across the room and wriggles out the window (still fully taped up)! Of course, she doesn't get too far outside, but you've got to give the girl credit for trying! Molly Bronte & Dina Davis get grabbed at their house, but refuse to stay put in one room and keep trying to attract attention at the windows, so their captor dumps them in his car and takes them for a ride out to the desert. When he stops the car for a moment, the girls manage to break out of car and run through the desert, hands still tied behind, gags still in place. Of course they get caught (well, he's still got the car!), and they get to contemplate the thought of a full day out in the hot sun - and then night alone in the desert! Finally, Janeen Gzesh gets grabbed by an intruder and stashed in her pantry closet, where she has no intention of staying. She manages to work her way outdoors, but ....

These seven determined action heroines will have you wishing you were there with them, watching them strain and work for every inch of freedom. Much of the escaping is accomplished with talented toes, so feet fans will also get a "kick" out of this video. All in all, this is a very fast-moving video that will appeal to anyone who likes his damsels quick-thinking and quick-acting (even if not successful at escaping!).

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