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IS-BW00144 - Borrowing Trouble


Model(s): Leah Powers
Video Clip Length: 16:00 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1280x720 5000kbps 589mb
MP4 720x400 4000kbps 469mb

Sweet but irresponsible redhead Leah Powers is house sitting and borrowed her friend's car (without permission), but when she accidentally hits a truck in a parking lot, she panics & flees. Unfortunately for her, the owner of the damaged vehicle follows her back to the house and demands reparations - and wants to punish her for the hit & run! He duct tapes & gags poor Leah after she tells him her friend left "emergency money" for her in the kitchen. After leaving her to struggle in her blue jean shorts, socks, and sneakers, he goes off to search for the money. When he returns, he gags her more thoroughly and takes her phone so she can't call for help. When her friend arrives home later, of course the first thing she sees is the damaged car in the driveway and knows something is up, even before she finds poor taped up Leah on the living room floor. When Leah explains what happened, her friend is livid at her irresponsibility. Instead of taking the duct tape off, she seats Leah in a wooden chair, removes her shoes to show off her cute striped socks and thoroughly tapes Leah into the chair, as well as adding layers more to the gag. This may be the end of a friendship but it's a great look for lovely Leah!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 November, 2016.