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IS-BW00148 - What DOESN'T Happen in Vegas ...


Model(s): Katherine West
Video Clip Length: 16:25 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1280x720 5000kbps 604mb
MP4-HD 1280x720 5000kbps 596mb

Katherine & Dianne arrive in Las Vegas for a client presentation, but all Katherine wants to do it get out and PARTY instead of preparing for the proposal. Dressed in a sexy satin blouse (which barely contains her ample bosom) and satin skirt, pantyhose and heels, she is hot to trot - but the senior business partner will have none of it. Based on a previous disasterous situation, Dianne breaks out a suitcase full of ropes and gagging material, telling Katherine that she intends for them to stay IN for the evening, practicing the presentation. Katherine of course is not at all impressed with this idea, struggling against the ropes and mmphing against the gag! When it's time for bed, Katherine, now in a satin slip, gets tied "more comfortably" cross ways on the bed, her pantyhosed toes on display, to keep her from "accidentally" wandering out of the hotel. Fully gagged again, Katherine makes it very clear she is VERY unhappy with this situation, but her struggling and gagged cries fall on deaf ears as the lights are turned out.

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