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IS-BW00154 - In Bondage and In Over Her Head!


Model(s): Cydel Jimenez
Video Clip Length: 23:14 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1440x1080 5000kbps 859mb
MP4 1280x720 5000kbps 850mb

Cydel is talking with Dianne about a "specialty date" that she is going on, for some serious compensation. Cydel gets the bright idea to just do a little switch-a-roo and locks her friend in the closet so SHE can go on this "date" and pay off her bills! Of course, Cydel has no idea of the advance discussion and doesn't realize this "date" is a fantasy role play scenario with a bondage enthusiast! When she arrives at the designated location, all dressed up in a satin blouse and short tight skirt, per his instructions, she imagines it will be a standard escort type situation, and is disappointed that her gentleman caller isn't dressed for a night on the town. Well, the arrangements were for a night IN - IN BONDAGE to be precise! As she is tightly bound and thoroughly gagged by her masked guest, Cydel struggles and tries to talk her way out of the the situation, which feeds her client's fantasy even more! Eventually he tires of watching her struggle fully dressed and carries her to the bed where she can struggle in lingerie and pantyhose. How is this evening going to end?

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 August, 2017.