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IS-BW00156 - Reporter's Nightmare


Model(s): Katherine West
Video Clip Length: 18:39 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1440x1080 5000kbps 686mb
MP4 1280x720 5000kbps 676mb

Katherine West is generously given access to the inside workings of a fantasy-fulfillment company, but when she writes her article, the owner of the establishment is shocked that Katherine's article belittles both the organization and its clients, portraying the experience as a cheesy, juvenile fantasy. Deciding that Katherine should get a REAL taste of the company's offerings, she is paid a surprise visit by one of the company's "experience counselors", bound on her bed in her blouse, slip and pantyhose, hooded, and then carried out to be taken for a ride in the back of the masked villian's vehicle. Not realizing how this experience is tied to her article, Katherine is terrified and struggles for real, kicking at the vehicle windows and struggling to loosen her bonds.

When the ride is over, she is hooded again and brought to a garage where she is bound to a wooden chair and ransom pictures are taken, and she gag-screams into the phone during the ransom call. Now wearing just her pantyhose and a spandex slip (which shows off Katherine's terrific curves to great advantage!), tape is wrapped around her head, over her white cloth cleave gag, and she is left to struggle, which she does with great energy! Her tormentor returns and informs her that the drop did not go well and she will be blindfolded and left to await her fate. Panicked, Katherine resumes her struggling and gag screaming in earnest! She is of course relieved but embarrassed when the truth is revealed, and will be printing her retraction tomorrow!

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