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IS074 - Hideout Horror - Two in a Bind


Starring Dina Davis - Molly Bronte and Katarina Wilski
80 minutes - 1.02gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

In Hideout Horror, Dina Davis portrays a helpless damsel captured in her own home! A ruthless bank robber on the run and looking for a hideout captures the lovely Dina and decides to entertain himself at her expense while he waits for the search parties to disband. Starting off dressed in a sexy satin blouse and short skirt, but soon stripped down to her lingerie, and then just panties, Dina is placed into one embarrassing position after another. Her long sexy legs are on display throughout the video, with her feet first clad in strap-on high heeled sandals and then barefoot throughout the remainder of the story. Lots of onscreen tying, and thorough cleave-gagging are additional features of this fine video.

In Two in a Bind, Molly Bronte and sexy newcomer Katarina Wilski are roommates captured by an intruder intent on helping himself to their valuables. Molly is captured first, and despite being tied securely and even gagged thoroughly, she unleashes a constant barrage of dialogue - a combination of demands and pleas for release, and verbal abuse directed at her captor. When Molly is left alone for a few minutes, Katarina arrives home but is quickly nabbed by the intruder. Tied side by side, the two girls struggle to free each other without success. Two sexy blondes, tight ropes, vigorous struggling, and LOTS of gag-talk (plus bare feet!) make this segment an all-around winner.

All in all, 3 beautiful young women, lots of rope, lots of struggling & gag-talk, beautiful bare feet ... what more could you want?

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