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IS068 - Let's Tie Up ...


Featuring Molly Bronte, Dina Davis, Beth Terlato, Bianca Ford, Kara Carlson & Janeen Gzesh
82 minutes - 1.06 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

Did you ever fantasize about tying up your sister's friend, the lady next door, or perhaps even your teacher? If so, this imaginative and unique video is a fantasy come true that is sure to bring back fond memories (or start new ones!). This video is shot from the first person perspective with no other people on screen but the models, allowing you to imagine that you are the naughty Johnny who likes to tie up just about every pretty girl he sees!

He starts by tricking his sister's friend into handcuffing herself during a game of 'cops and robbers' before securing her much more thoroughly with rope and a gag. He continues his adventure by tying and gagging the door-to-door cosmetic sales woman, the lady from next door, his misbehaving older sister, his den mother, and finally his teacher. Each victim either naively allows Johnny to tie them as part of a game, or is tricked into being his captive, like the substitute den mother who agrees to help him 'practice' his knot tying in order to get his merit badge! The reaction of the captives is unique and varied and the first person perspective of much of this video allows you to imagine you are there as each model looks at and talks directly to you.

These six lovely damsels in a lighthearted fantasy adventure make this video one you won't want to miss!

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 October, 2010.