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QT1110 Kristen Moore & Michelle Jennings (is-qt-km-mijen005)


Model(s): Kristen Moore & Michelle Jennings
Video Clip Length: 8:45 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Michelle Jennings is excited to tell her roommate, Kristen Moore, that she has met a new guy and is going on a big date later that night. Kristen knows Michelle has a knack of attracting loser men, so she is not surprised when she later answers the door to see a scruffy looking character in shades who doesn’t speak. She lets him in thinking it is Michelle’s date, only to be grabbed and hand gagged. When Michelle comes downstairs to see what is going on, she sees Kristen all tied up on the chaise and assumes she must be playing games with HER boyfriend! Kristen frantically tries to warn Michelle about the intruder, but the sweetly dense Michelle is oblivious to the danger and the two beautiful roommates are soon hogtied and gagged. They desperately try to free themselves, with Kristen even managing to tumble off the chaise to get closer to Michelle.

Keywords: Two girls bondage, One barefoot (bare feet), one in pantyhose, short dresses, hogtied side by side, duct tape gags, gag, talk, trying to escape


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