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IS050 - A New Superheroine's First Adventure


Starring Britney Damon, Holly Everson & Elizabeth Costello
60 minutes - 810.9 mb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

This video is for those who enjoy watching a cute superheroine end up in one tight bind after another while fighting crime and battling an evil nemesis!

Britney, Holly and Elizabeth are all young interns at a local television station competing for a single show on a marketing network. Unknown to the others, Holly has been secretly broadcasting subliminal messages that will make people unable to resist her sales pitch once she has a show of her own. But when the new show is awarded to Britney, Holly sends her evil henchman to grab Britney in hopes she will then be awarded the show. Left, bound, gagged, and blindfolded in an abandoned warehouse, Britney struggles helplessly. But as she tosses and turn, she suddenly transforms into a superheroine with extraordinary strength. Not sure how this happened, she nevertheless attempts to turn the tables on Holly when she returns. Alas, Holly has even more tricks up her sleeve!

Meanwhile, the henchman is also sent to capture Elizabeth to prevent her from filling in at the station when Britney doesn't show up for her show. Poor Elizabeth is tied up on her bed to prevent her from leaving and is thoroughly gagged to prevent her from calling out for help. What will become of the poor young intern?

Meanwhile, "back at the lair" Britney has been left tied to a post while a gas bomb hovers over an open candle. If the bomb descends to the flame before she escapes, a poison cloud will overpower her and end her fledgling superheroine career before it even gets started! Will she discover how to invoke her powers before it is too late?

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